Our know-how

 Wheat extracts

We make wheat ceramides for cosmetic and nutricosmetic applications. Wheat ceramides efficacy has been proven through research and clinical studies. Wheat ceramides allow skin mosturizing and have softening and smoothing effects. 
We offer oily wheat ceramides as well as powder and water-soluble powder forms.

Wheat gliadins
We developed a process allowing high purity wheat gliadins production. Those gliadins play a scientifically proven protective role.


We produce among other antioxidants grape seed OPC extracts.  


We acquired know-how in unsaponifiable purification through clean technologies (sheabutter and avocado processing for instance). 

 Fruit seed oil 

Fruit seed oil is obtained through a cold pressing process. Our oil production process is clean which means our products are toxic solvent free. Being virgin, our oils retain every beneficial effect and preserve heat-sensitive molecules. Oils can be refined in our factory according to your specific requirements.  

Among other oils we offer apple seed oil, raspberry seed oil, organic grape seed oil. Contact us if you project to recover any seeds or would like a specific oil. 

 Vegetable oil and butter refining 

Vegetable oil and butter can be refined in our factory to reach the required qualities needed for your application. This process includes deodorisation as well as decolouration thanks to organic certified processes.