Other processes


 Cold pressing

Our presses are made in Germany and are designed  to process the most challenging seeds. 

Our machines allow maximum oil extraction where standard presses would leave 7 to 10 % of oil in the oil cake. 

After validation and development tests we will produce your food and cosmetic oils. We can refine your oils according to the quality required for a proper use of the product. 

 Polyphenols stabilization

Polyphenols (including oligoprocyanidins of grape seeds – OPC) are used in cosmectics for their antioxidant activity. They have to be stabilized by fatty acids in order to improve their efficiency and to avoid formulas colouration,

We will perform tests with the fatty acids of your own choice before handling the industrial production of your stabilized polyphenols. 

○ Crystallization

Crystallization is a widely used purification technique but still requires a specific know-how in order to reach a satisfying product quality and purity.

Sugar, menthol, vanilin, polysaccharides (including carrageenan) are some examples of the industrial use of crystallized molecules.

We can industrially crystallize or recrystallize your products according to your process or the process we will develop for you.

 Enzymatic reaction

Our philosophy is to offer green and environment friendly technologies. We are developing several processes using enzymes which constitue an alternative to chemical synthesis.

Do not hesitate to contact us so we can examine your project.